Central Florida’s first craft distillery & blending house


Where it started


FORWARD/SLASH is a boutique distillery & blending house crafting an array of spirits and proudly located in historic Winter Park, Florida. We are transparent whiskey blenders who acquire rare bourbons and whiskeys from some of the best independent distillers in the country, telling the story of American distilling through the art of blending. While our passion stems from whiskey, we don’t stop there.

Not Just Whiskey


We welcome all flavor preferences to the distillery and create gins, rums, vodkas, and other spirits we use in our very own cocktails. With our talented team of bartenders, we offer a complete & seasonal cocktail menu you can enjoy in our tasting room.


What began as a passion for whiskey evolved into a deep love for the world of craft distilling. We believe in sharing where our ingredients come from so you know what’s in your bottle. Beyond the ingredients, we’re passionate about sharing the stories behind each of the distillers we partner with to develop our artfully made spirits. The rich history of craftsmanship and ingenuity of distillers, from all around the country, is what inspires us to tell the story of American heritage with every pour and we can’t wait to share that with you.


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