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American Blended Whiskey by law has to have at least SOME whiskey blended into the bottle but the majority of it can actually be neutral spirit or vodka. That’s right, up to 80% of an American Blended Whiskey can be vodka. We think that’s just wrong. Here at Forward/Slash, we only blend barrel aged American Whiskey sourced from some of the most passionate and talented distillers in the country. You will always know exactly what’s in our blends and where these incredible barrels came from. We started this company to showcase the amazing world of small batch craft whiskey and in order to do that, we can’t hide anything. Authenticity through Transparency.

Who we are


Blended for the discerning whiskey lover and the newly converted – FORWARD/SLASH is whiskey meant to be savored, not stashed away.


We believe in authenticity through transparency, that’s why we obsess over every detail that goes into our FORWARD/SLASH blends. And once a blend is bottled, we share those details with you. From your bottle’s mash bills and age to the climate and barrels it rested in, you’ll always know what’s in your glass.


While rooted in traditional methods, we have our eye on the future of American Whiskey.

Through the art of blending, we create unique drams sourced from some of the best distillers producing unique and distinctive whiskies across the country. We are constantly experimenting with new methods and techniques to create the most enjoyable experience possible within each dram.


As does the punctuation mark inspiring our name, FORWARD/SLASH stands for connection. Connecting varying ideas to inspire unique creations. Presenting alternatives and challenging the status quo. Introducing a shift and marking the start of what comes next. We are the Forward Slash that unites talented producers through crafting exceptional blends.

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Want to learn the ins and outs of whiskey, bourbon, and rye? Visit our tasting room, cocktail bar, and bottle shop in the heart of Winter Park, Florida.

We’ve created an integrated cocktail program to compliment the spirits we produce with an ever-changing menu. Sample a spectrum of whiskeys, perfect for a special occasion, celebration or just to treat yourself. And if you’re simply in the area, drop in and experience the unique blends we’re perfecting.