Our Story

Our interest in whiskey quickly evolved into an obsession. Michael founded the Orlando Whiskey Society to find more obsessed whiskey drinkers and Tim quickly focused his interest to what smaller independent distillers were creating utilizing their products into numerous bar programs. We both became champions for whiskey brands creating interesting whiskeys.

Whiskey unlocked something inside us. Our collections grew. Our palates expanded. Our hobby became a passion.

And while we were falling for whiskey, we also fell for the stories behind the spirit. We got to know farmers who spend their days in the dirt, nurturing superior-quality grains. Distillers challenge the status quo with every cask. And, of course, sharing those stories with discerning enthusiasts.

FORWARD/SLASH was born from those stories.

From our base in Winter Park to your home bar or local watering hole, we make whiskey meant to be savored and enjoyed with friends and loved ones. To be poured and shared generously. To stock up on, because blends this unique don’t come around often.

The Forward/Slash

Blending Ritual

A blank canvas. Equal parts terrifying and thrilling.

An opportunity to bring out everything in our arsenal. Pull inspiration from every encounter. Draw from years of experience in both drinking and blending. Push a 200-year tradition to new ground. To make whiskey worth pouring, and sharing, generously.

Each barrel we hand select has its own distinctive character, and we represent this flavor profile with a color. We then take a combination of these “colors” to paint a picture for your palate.

It’s taking the best parts of already standout spirits and curating a brand-new experience. Each note brings a story – a unique perspective from the corner of the world where it was cultivated. Complementary but contrasting. We taste, adjust, taste again, and then, we wait.

They say patience is a virtue. In whiskey making, it’s an art.

We call this the Blending Ritual.

The result is FORWARD/SLASH, premium blended whiskey. A symphony of nuanced flavor, subtle yet significant.