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Krampus Rye

This holiday season we challenged ourselves with making a limited-edition whiskey that tasted like Christmas in a bottle. The idea was simple, blend a rye and finish it in a spiced rum barrel. One issue however, spiced rum isn’t something that you typically age in a barrel. Where were we going to find a spiced rum barrel, let alone one that doesn’t use artificial flavoring? That’s where we turned to our friends at Lugo Craft Distillery in Lakeland, Florida. Lugo’s makes Libertalia Spiced Rum using all-natural ingredients and no artificial color or flavoring or sweetener. This was exactly what we were looking for, and it just so happens that they were aging spiced rum for a customer of theirs, perfect timing!

  • 81.27% of the blend
    81.27% of the blend

    Manifest Rye - Florida
    Once the spiced rum barrel was dumped, Christian Lugo drove the barrel to our distillery. On the nose we got heavy backing spice, cinnamon and baked apple, now what rye will work best with these flavors? Immediately we knew we were going to use Manifest Rye for this blend, because it has a distinct robust flavor of earthy rye, oak and baking spices.

  • 18.73% of the blend
    18.73% of the blend

    Journeyman Last Feather Rye - Michigan
    As a compliment we chose Journeyman rye to balance some of the heavier qualities of the Manifest rye. Also, both of the ryes use the same mash bill 60% Organic Rye and 40% Organic Wheat.

  • 108 Proof - 54% ABV - 283 Bottles Produced


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