Our Story


Our Story

What began as a shared passion became the basis upon which FORWARD/SLASH began.  Owned and operated by beverage veterans and enthusiasts, Tim Bradstreet and Michael Buffa, FORWARD/SLASH aims to maintain the rich history of the spirit industry with an authentic and forward-thinking approach. Bradstreet, a spirits nerd, former bartender, and corporate Beverage Director, alongside Buffa who founded both the Orlando Whiskey Society and Buffa Bittering Company, found each other through a shared adoration for the world of whiskey.


As their passion for whiskey grew, it was the stories behind the spirits that really connected with them. Meeting the farmers who spend their days in the dirt nurturing superior-quality grains to the distillers challenging the status quo with every cask. What was once a dream became a reality in April 2023 when they opened their distillery doors in the historic Holler building located on 650 S. Capen Avenue in Winter Park, Florida.


Blending & Perfecting

Our Blending Ritual is a sacred process we aspire to perfect for a FORWARD/SLASH premium-blended spirit that’s both subtle yet significant. We achieve this by meticulously hand-selecting variously aged casks of whiskey to construct a balanced flavor profile.

The outcome – a unique blend of whiskey every time. It’s through our blending that we aim to highlight each component, allowing the singular elements to stand out on their own in every sip. Each pour, telling the stories of the producers we proudly partner with.



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