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Pot/Column Vodka

The world’s first blended vodka? Maybe, who can keep track nowadays. What we do know is that what we have crafted here is quite unique. Through close relationships with the distillers and business owners who mash and distill these wonderful components, we have constructed a bold and unique vodka. Made of just two components, Pot/Column Vodka blends together the two main types of distillation methods: Pot Still and Column Still. ‍

  • 32% of the blend
    32% of the blend

    Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka - Glenshaw, PA
    Distilled from locally sourced potatoes, Boyd & Blair utilizes Champagne yeast for their fermentation yielding a creamy, full bodied vodka. Since this artisanal vodka is distilled on a traditional pot still, they carry the motto “All Heart”, where the master distillery Barry Young prides himself on making the purest cuts with every distillation, and it shows. Their vodka is so unique, there is absolutely no harsh ethanol aroma or finish in their distillate that you might find on most mass produced vodkas (what we here at Forward/Slash call “hand-sanitizer scent”).

  • 68% of the blend
    68% of the blend

    Copper Bottom Vodka - Holly Hills, FL
    Distilled in small batches, Copper Bottom is a Florida-based demerara sugar distillery located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. They distill what we feel is one of the best vodkas being produced in the South at the moment. Their distillate is so clean and smooth, with a distinct minerality which we feel adds a solid backbone for our blend.


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