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Primarch Rum

Primarch is a unique silver rum in that it combines all three of the traditional methods of rum production: granulated sugar, molasses, and cane juice sourced exclusively from high quality independent American distillers. Although it was specifically blended for daiquiris, Primarch is beautifully balanced rum offering depth and just enough fruity funkiness to any rum cocktail. We hope you enjoy this rum as much as we enjoyed creating it.

For generations, bartenders have been creating their own house blends of their favorite rums for cocktail programs. Combining different styles and flavors to match their desired profile and offering a unique experience for their guests. With this mindset, we decided to see if we could create a balanced blended rum that utilized all three of the main types of fermentation. The result of our efforts: Primarch. The first part of our Wondering Cane Series which will explore the wide variety of traditions and methods of authentic rum distillation and production. The rums selected for our blends are the results of craftsmen dedicated to making pure rums which do not include additives or shortcuts of any kind.

  • 44% of the blend
    44% of the blend

    Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka - Glenshaw, PA
    Now, where to find all this delicious rum to source? We knew that one part of our Rum would come from Boyd & Blair which makes an award-winning silver rum. Their rum utilizes Pennsylvania molasses, produced by Zook Molasses, which is produced in the traditional analog method (the way their Mennonite ancestors have for over a hundred years). Depending on the time of year, they will ferment their rum for 21-28 days in an open top fermenter, and distill on a pot still, producing a complex and flavorful spirit. We have a great relationship with Barry Young, owner and master distiller of Boyd & Blair, so that one was no brainer. As for the other two parts? Well, it just so happens that it can be found right here in Florida.

  • 33% of the blend
    33% of the blend

    Sugar Sand - Lake Placid, FL
    Don Davies, owner and distiller of Sugar Sand, harvests his estate grown sugar cane by hand and crushes the cane, ferments the juice, and distills in the center of his sugar cane field in an open-air distillery. Located about 20 minutes outside of Sebring, Florida, Sugar Sand is a true gem of American distilling. Don’s dedication to doing things the old way, the hard way, results in an incredibly unique and delicious rum. Sugar Sand’s rums are not available in any stores except the bottle shop that is located at the distillery, making this a rare spirit that we are honored to blend with.

  • 23% of the blend
    23% of the blend

    Copper Bottom - Holly Hill, FL
    Now for the last part of our Rum. We didn’t have to look too far. Just 45 minutes to the north of our facility is Copper Bottom Distillery in Holly Hill, Florida. We discovered Copper Bottom when we were searching for a high-quality vodka producer for our Pot/Column Premium Blended Vodka and when we tasted his silver rum, we knew we found the missing piece. Since 2015, Jeremy Craig has been fermenting and distilling award-winning vodka and rum utilizing evaporated Florida sugar cane, a less refined raw sugar product. Located just steps from the Halifax River, Jeremy produces some of the cleanest rum we have ever tasted. Smooth and delicate but strong enough to hold its own in a cocktail, Copper Bottom’s Rum is the binder we needed to unite the pot still molasses and Agricole rums.


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