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Rhapsody Bourbon

A Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskeys


1. an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. “rhapsodies of praise”


2. (in ancient Greece) an epic poem, or part of it, of a suitable length for recitation at one time.


Latin rhapsodia, from Greek rhapsōidia recitation of selections from epic poetry, rhapsody, from rhapsōidos rhapsodist, from rhaptein to sew, stitch together + aidein to sing.


This has been a long time coming, what started as an idea, became a dream, and is now a reality. Our first multi-distillery whiskey is here! We utilize a unique blending style here at Forward/Slash where we do not rush the process, we are patient, and take time to ensure our blends are fully married and balanced to highlight each component. Carefully stitching together each piece until we reach a flavor profile we are ecstatic about and ready to share with you. For this reason, we find it appropriate to call our first blend of bourbon: Rhapsody.

  • 42% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2018
    42% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2018

    Filibuster Distillery - Maurertown, VA
    Filibuster was founded in DC but now calls Virginia home. Owner Sid Dilawri has been distilling product since 2014, when he laid down their first barrel. Sid is very meticulous when it comes to the quality of the products Filibuster produces. For this reason, they source the majority of their grain from neighboring Shenandoah Valley farms.
    Filibuster’s bourbon has a unique mash bill, being one of the few four grain mash bills on the market, consisting of 65% Corn, 20% Rye, 10% Malted Barley, and 5% Wheat. This unique recipe, coupled with sourcing only the best quality grains, and aging in the best Kelvin Cooperage barrels money can buy, has allowed Filibuster to make a fine tasting bourbon at only 5yrs old.

  • 28% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2017
    28% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2017

    J. Henry & Sons - Dane, WI
    Henry Farms is a family owned-and-operated farm where the corn, wheat, and rye is grown for J. Henry & Sons distillery. Growing their own grain since the beginning of the distillery in 2008, J. Henry & Sons bourbon is unique since it is the only distillery using an heirloom red corn in their mash bill. Heirloom red corn, developed at the University of Wisconsin in 1939, is special to the family since Joe’s dad grew it for 30 yrs.
    We are fans of J. Henry & Sons bourbon for its uniqueness; from utilizing their own grains, to the climate these barrels age in, to the use of toasted heads and Char level 3 in their barrels.

  • 20% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2017
    20% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2017

    MB Roland Distillery - Pembroke, KY
    MB Roland Distillery is the first grain to glass distillery in Kentucky. In 2009, Paul and Merry Beth (“MB”) Tomaszewski first opened the distillery doors.
    MB Roland is committed to the entire production process. They grow their own corn, wheat, and rye on-site, and they have their own milling operation to process the grains. This level of control over the ingredients allows them to maintain quality and create unique flavor profiles. MB’s uniqueness comes from the use of white corn, as opposed to the yellow corn used by most distilleries and the extremely high rye content of the mash bill. The mash bill for the bourbon used in this blend is 60% White corn, 35% Rye, and 5% Malted Barley.

  • 10% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2016
    10% of the blend - BARRELS FROM 2016

    Boulder Spirits - Boulder, CO
    Scottish Distiller, Scottish Pot Still, and Scottish Barley, distilled in Colorado. Boulder Spirits’ American Single Malt is the closest thing we have found to Scotch Whisky being produced here in U.S. with two big differences; the use of new American oak barrels and aging their whiskeys in the arid climate of Colorado at an elevation of 5,400 ft. Alastair Brogan and his team produce some incredibly bold but balanced whiskeys including American Single Malt, Peated American Single Malt, and Straight Bourbon whiskey. Boulder Spirits Bourbon is very unique, in that it has the highest malted barley content that we’ve ever seen, 51% Corn, 44% Malted Barley, and 5% Rye. The higher levels of malted barley give this bourbon a lovely rich, caramel, and sweet characteristic, that we felt was the perfect addition to round out our blend.

    This first blend yielded 1,239 bottles. This release won’t be around for long, so make sure you find it quick, because once it’s gone… it’s gone…


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