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We feel that the world of Gin is so unique, there is almost as much nuance and diversity as there is in whiskey… almost, let’s not go crazy here. We searched throughout Florida to identify two incredible gin distillers that we feel complement each other quite nicely to create a complex gin we are proud to share with you.

  • 29% of the blend
    29% of the blend

    Manifest Distilling - Jacksonville, FL
    An organic gin from our friends in North Florida. Manifest Gin packs a juniper kick that reminds us of walking through a juniper patch in late summer. Bold, unapologetic and absolutely delicious, bartenders across the state know that Manifest is a gold standard gin on their back bars worthy to stand out in any cocktail.

  • 71% of the blend
    71% of the blend

    Severessence Distilling Co - Tampa, FL
    We met the master distiller for Severessence, Victoria Wagner, PhD, in a parking lot by a river. Nice. We were so blown away by the focus and elegance of this gin that we absolutely had to have it in our first batch. With balanced notes of wild flowers, citrus, and sweet coriander this gin provides the foundation that we were searching for. Cheers to meeting strangers in parking lots!

    We love a good Martini, so our goal was to create a well-balanced gin that was perfectly suited for a Martini. When deciding on the final recipe, we created dozens of variations and made Martinis with them. The best tasting Martini was the winner and that ended up being the formula we used to construct this blend. We are quite happy with the result and hope you will enjoy it as well. Come by the distillery and try it for yourself.


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